Our club started in 1979 by a small group of people who were passionate about running and getting others involved in the sport. It has since grown immensely into a big dedicated group of individuals and family’s who are still passionate about running but also passionate about giving back to the community. 
     All of our races and events are designed to give back. If running is something you love or if you just want to volunteer please join our club, we are always welcoming new members. You can find an application here
if you would like to join us. Simple fill it out and mail it in. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

    Or if you are just someone who wants to support our club but not actually join we are always looking for more sponsors to help us put our events on. If this is you please feel free to contact us here and we would be happy to discuss any sponsorship opportunities you can give us.


Russ Colona

Vice President
Allen Tuetken

Mike Cleary

Kathy Colona

Membership Chairman
Charles Helton III


Our biggest being our annual Great River Road Run every year on the Saturday after thanksgiving in November. It is a 10 mile race, as well as a fun run 2 mile race on the majestic and always beautiful Great River Road. Our biggest event of the year is always a great time and we get runners from all over the country coming to run this race. If you would like to sign up or just find out more information, please visit our Great River Road RunPAGE.We hope to see you there!

We also host the Summer Running Series during the summer months. It is a three race event designed for kids but we welcome your entire family to join us as well, as there are a couple adult races too. There is one race in June, one in July, and we end the series in August with our annual Dash N Glow. Each event is filled with t-shirts, drinks, food, and at the Pee Wee Run in July each kid will take home a prize. Each kid gets to run all three races for only 5 dollars, yes 5 dollars. You get 3 t-shirts, 3 races, free drinks, free food, and an awesome prize all for only 5 dollars. Just visit our Summer SeriesPAGE  for applications or more information on the series. 

The last thing we do every year is host a Cross Country Banquet for high school runners from numerous high school teams from around the area. It is a great event and good opportunity to honor these young men and women for their outstanding running and hard work that they put in to get there. More information can be foundhere on the banquet.